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Holistic Nutritionist and Smoothie Master who is on an inspired mission to get YOU eating clean, whole foods so you can beat the bloat, slim down, look and feel your BEST, one delicious bite at a time.


Hi, I’m Silvia

Wife, mother, holistic nutritionist, superfood smoothie lover and healer of my own digestive issues. I love to cook and eat… with purpose.

I am a big believer of whole, natural based foods that are plant-strong and nutrient-rich.

As a nutritionist and foodie, I believe in “eating for nutrients” and avoiding “empty calories”. You don’t have to sacrifice great taste for healthy eating, since food is meant to be savored.

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Wife, Mother, Holistic Nutritionist, Smoothie Master.
I want to ignite a spark within you towards healthy, conscious eating.
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Love What You Eat, Savor Each Bite

My Inspired Mission


I am passionate about living a life that is vibrant and strong. I am on a mission to start a wellness revolution. I want you to look and feel your BEST regardless of where you are in your health goals.

It ALL starts with REAL wholesome foods from the earth.

I want to ignite a spark within you towards healthy, conscious living. I want you to feel inspired and empowered to make healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle so that you can look and feel your best, while having loads of fun in the process.

My Story


For years I suffered in silence with digestive issues, from bloating to severe stomach cramping.  I thought I had a dysfunctional digestive system, for I believed I was making healthy food choices.

When I realized that I was causing my own digestive issues by the food choices I was making, I realized I had the power to turn things around. It wasn’t my body that was at fault… it was my food choices and my lifestyle.

The reality was that I was choosing “healthy-looking” processed foods that dominate our marketplace. Once I learned how to choose foods that were right for me, my digestive symptoms quickly disappeared. If that wasn’t enough, I was also rewarded with weight loss, increased energy and better-looking skin.

I want to help you feel the vitality I now feel. I know it’s possible for you.

My Superfood Smoothies


A super simple and fast way I found to look and feel my best is by drinking Superfood Smoothies. My Superfood Smoothies are made with REAL ingredients that are plant strong, nutrient-rich!

5 Reasons to Love Superfood Smoothies :

  • Beat the Bloat
  • Fuel Energy
  • Shed Pounds
  • Get Glowing Skin
  • Boost Immunity

It is the single best thing you can do today to jumpstart your health in just 10 minutes a day.

It doesn’t get easier than this. Really!

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Love Notes

Having Superfood smoothies makes me feel lighter and more energized. It makes my body feel like it’s running really well. They taste amazing, not overly sweet. I found them very easy to make –just buy the set ingredients, keep them handy in my fridge or freezer and then place it in the blender. It was easy as can be. I love having Superfood smoothies as a snack in the afternoon. I introduced them to my teenage daughter who also got on the Superfood smoothie bandwagon. It’s a delicious treat that we share together.
Nadia R.
Superfood Smoothies are my feel-good potions. I knew they would be good for me, but after following the recipes and making my own, I was hooked! The reason I started to introduce smoothies was strictly for my digestion issues. Little did I know that consuming Superfood smoothies had more than just digestive benefits – I started to feel more energized and satisfied. They helped to eliminate my sweet cravings – which is a big bonus for me. Starting the day with a Superfood smoothie is a no-brainer for me now. It sets the tone for my body for the entire day. I’m not a huge fan of green veggies, so I am always so surprised at how yummy they taste in my smoothie. I get excited to try a new one every time! It’s a sure way to jump-start my day.
Stella P.
Superfood smoothies are a welcomed nutritional supplement to my day. The simple, yet creative recipes are tasty and thoughtful in the variety of nutrients it provides me. They give me a boost of energy, better digestion and noticeably clearer skin. I share my Superfood smoothies with my husband and young children, so they too can experience nutritional health benefits. Incorporating Superfood smoothies into my day is fun, easy and relevant. I now have a better understanding of the particular health benefits of fruits and vegetables and a stronger desire to live a healthier lifestyle – thanks to Superfood smoothies.
Franca R.
It made me feel so good that I even got my husband started on Superfood smoothies. The wide variety of fruits, veggies and superfoods keeps it interesting for us each day. It was easy, fast, filling and delicious.
Linda M
My personal experience has been nothing but positive. I feel fabulous, strong and energized when drinking Superfood Smoothies. These smoothies are a great addition to my regular workout routine. Keeping healthy has never been so easy and tasty. Thank you!
Sue B.
Shopping for fruits and vegetables is not something that I would normally purchase. Making Superfood Smoothies gave me new insight into different healthy foods. I made my smoothies every morning before I went to work. They were all easy to make and they all had a unique delicious taste. I shared them with my kids and they loved them – especially the fruity smoothies. To this day I keep frozen kale in my fridge so I can continue with my Superfood smoothies. I always notice a difference in my body when I have a one – my hunger level decreases in the morning and my digestive system cooperates a lot better. Making Superfood smoothies has become a delicious treat that I have on a regular basis.

Analisa N.